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ReBlogged // Anything – Everything

How you do anything is how you do everything

Photo Credit Jody Goodwin

You want to know a secret? I’m actually kind of shy.

I know, I know… you’re thinking, YOU? SHY? Bahahahahaha!!!

But it’s true.

One of my sneaky tools, my defence mechanisms, the way in which I avoid true vulnerability at all costs, is what I call “smoke and mirrors”.

What this looks like is I offer up some really juicy personal information, like about 90% of the truth of my experience, so that it looks like I am being excruciatingly vulnerable and transparent, but in reality I get to hang on to the last 10%. I get to avoid being truly vulnerable.

As a whole, my life has changed pretty dramatically since I returned from Peru in October. My living situation, my relationships, my body, my work, even my habits. I have changed and therefore the way I do things has changed.  I have started to live and share from that 10%. The place where I feel oh-so-uncomfortable. The place that I usually keep hidden at all costs.  You have experienced this directly if you have been following and reading this blog.

How you do anything is how you do everything

I love the above quote, and I wanted to capture in a general sense, the change or movement that I have experienced in the past four months.  I have been reflecting on the ways in which I “do” things: make a meal, get ready in the morning, make love, workout, practice yoga, even coaching.

I need to be in control became I allow myself to surrender.
I “have to” became I “want to.”
I need to be in control of my pleasure became I am open to receiving pleasure.
What was once prescribed, regimented, expected, & predictable became wild, living, breathing, & evolving.
I was closed & hidden and I became open & exposed.
My masculine, dominant energy became balanced by my soft, feminine energy.
An expectation of myself to know everything became getting comfortable with uncertainty.
My need to navigate & lead became a willingness to follow & trust.
Something that was once rushed became something that could take all day.
There are rules became there are no rules.
What was once “serious” became playful & fun.

How do you “do” things?

Maren Hasse:  Anything – Everything

“How you do anything is how you do everything” – T. Harv Eker

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ReBlogged // Small, Simple Acts Of Kindness

“These blankets are not lost! If you are cold, without shelter, and looking for comfort then they are for you! Please take one. Enjoy, and know that you are important.”


Small, Simple Acts Of Kindness Really Can Go an Incredibly Long Way. This Woman Is An Inspiration. | Kindness Blog

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ReBlogged // The Meaning of Happiness Changes Over Your Lifetime

“Happiness to him was ordinary.”

How extraordinary!

Center for Advanced Hindsight

Swinging Happiness for BlogThe following is a scientific and personal article written by CAH member Troy Campbell about happiness.

One lovely afternoon, I began chatting to my grandpa. I was completely unaware he was about to say something that would change my view of happiness forever.

In the middle of our conversation, I felt a lull so I pulled out the classic question. “If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be?” I couldn’t wait to talk about my long list of dead presidents, dead Beatles, dead scientists, and a really cute living movie star. But I was also really eager to hear what he’d say.

Then he simply answered, “My wife.”

I immediately assured him it’s not necessary for him to answer like that. We all knew he loves his wife, whom he eats dinner with every night and was currently over in the other room…

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ReBlogged // Recipe | The Liquid Diet


It’s 5:30 somewhere and this slutty sipper with a bacon straw, is just begging to be slurped down in all of it’s burger glory. White Castle infused Bulleit Rye, stirred with spicy pickle juice, a splash of tomato water, a dash of liquid smoke, and rimmed with a burger salt rub, almost makes this elixir a knife and forker.  And you thought tequila made you rowdy.

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ReBlogged // Recipe | The Spread Eagle Burger


What’s more ‘Merica then a burger crafted from it’s capital’s very own culinary traditions. Ok, maybe taxation with representation… but that’s a different blog. This District denizen bleeds red, white, blue, and beef cheek chili. With a patty constructed from 13th Street Meat’shalf smoke grind, Gordy’s pickle relish, and a DC Brau battered, french fry bun… drizzled in mumbo sauce—America, this star spangled beaut is for you.

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